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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ankh of Joy

Lovely malachite chips withe pewter beads are a double strand delight 
framing this wonderfully large pewter ankh.

Malachite is a spiritually deep green stone that has been used for thousands of years. Malachite was the preeminent stone of Ancient Egypt used by royalty in their crowns.

Malachite is the perfect magical stone for protection, joy, love!!!  I love to use this stone with the Egyptian Goddess Hathor – the Goddess of Joy, Love, Dancing.  I also love to associate Malachite with Khepra – “to come into being” scarab sun deity of Ancient Egypt – deity of birth, renewal, and resurrection – the personification of transformation

And the stunning focal of this double strand necklace, the Ancient Egyptian Pewter Ankh with Sandstone Scarab at its heart.  The Ankh that symbolizes sacred life.

Such a wonderful combination in this fantastically spiritual necklace.  The Ankh of sacred life coupled with the Sun God Khepra who ‘is coming into being’ combined with Malachite for a powerful combination to bring ourselves joyfully into being.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ankh for a King

Ankh for a King
African Horn beads, obsidian, citrine and banded yellow calcite. Made for my husband.  He adores the citrine and ankh - love this necklace and so full of energy!!  Truly a royal necklace fit for my king.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I have loved Ancient Egypt since a child of 9 and my love of stones and handmade jewelry started at the same time. And I love being able to combine the two for myself and others.  When starting a new project I envision what a woman from Ancient Egypt might wear whether she be common, princess or priestess.

New beauties have been dreamed into being, both of these necklaces I beyond adore.  Take a look below at the two new polar opposites yet complimentary creations that spilled forth from Ancient Egypt into my studio recently.

FIRE of ISIS and the ANKH of SERENITY.  

The Fire of Isis is woven from earth brewed Lava, sun born Tiger Eye, and furnace fired Bronze framing a wondrous silver Winged Isis holding the Sun made from Amber.  The Fire of Isis is bubbling with high energy, joy, fiery direction and solar feel goodness; straight from the Sun God, bestowing sunshiny benevolence.

The Ankh of Serenity, a stunning double strand necklace made from one of my favorites; calming, meditative Magnesite dyed a wonderful soul reaching black.  The chunkier strand is made from exquisite Chinese Turquoise, a lush heart enveloping green; interspersed throughout with Pewter beads. This double strand of exquisite stones sets off to perfection a large Egyptian Pewter Ankh with a Sandstone Scarab at its heart.  Talk about a necklace seemingly to flow straight from the Nile to touch the heart weaving love and serenity.

Come check me out on Facebook or my Etsy Store.  I accept custom orders so please feel free to contact me via one of my links below or through the pics above and let me create something magically divine and completely unique whispering of Ancient Egypt for you.





Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Kambaba Jasper and pewter beads frame a large pewter pendant of Queen Nefertiti.  I love the large chunky feeling of this breathtaking stone and exotic Queen from history.  Jasper is found worldwide and has been revered by the Ancient Egyptians and Israelites as well as the modern peoples of Asia and indigenous tribes of North America.

I found working with this stone to be transporting,  Kambaba Jasper is actually fossilized algae mined in South Africa.  Blue-Green Algae once living over 3 billion years ago. Grounding, humbling and keeping me so in touch with the soul of Mother Earth.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This lovely double strand necklace was made to honor the Great Goddess Nephthys.  She whose name means Lady of the House (sky) is the necessary Goddess of transformation the useful Goddess that through liminal corridors bring us to our real lives.

The Great Goddess Nephthys who is so much more than just the twin sister of Isis.  She is the great Goddess who governs decay and the death that is not eternal.  She is the Goddess who birthed the Opener of the Way – Anubis.  She who mourns those who have died yet shows the door to Osiris, the Lord of Resurrection.  She is the bringer of night and the guide to our subconscious that we may find ourselves.

The Eye of Horus – Udjat – the focal for my necklace represents the God Horus – the Falcon headed God of the Sky (house). The Uraeus (viper) and Nekhbet (vulture) patron goddesses of Lower and Upper Egypt.  Unakite is a lovely pistachio green mixed with pale peachy pinks. A wonderful stone  - very soothing and harmonizing, leading us inescapably to our true selves.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Timelessness - Black and White

Time in the studio this weekend has not only been very productive but satisfying from a creative  - spiritual place as well.  I simply adore working with Howlite. The stark white with the pale grey veins draws me into a very creative place. I find I reflect on many things in a calm way, new ideas for my writing always seem to pop up when I work with stones and even more so when I am working with Howlite.

I have coupled my favorite Howlite with another versatile and favorite stone of mine - Magnesite.  I have used black dyed Magnesite in this creation.  Magnesite for me just seems to love being woven into many of my pieces.  Since it can be dyed any color I use it a lot.  Magnesite is calming as well as stimulating for my imagination. What an awesome combination when paired with Howlite.

Peace, calmness and creativity seem to reign in my studio when these two stones make their appearance.  I wove these two stones with pewter beads into a lovely 18" necklace.

The stunning pewter Egyptian cartouche sets off the energy of the Howlite and  Magnesite perfectly.  The Sun God Khepra  - the God of becoming - birth and rebirth.  Khepra is encircled by the lotus flowers and protected by the two Cobra Uraeus Goddesses.  Timeless beauty and energy - each day is new, each new day we are reborn to the possibilities it holds.