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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Ankh - Obsidian Night

Oh Obsidian Night and Ancient Egypt.  Another custom piece with black and rainbow obsidian.  The Ancient Egyptian Silver Ankh is hand-cast from silver metal clay.  Loved working with this medium, not to mention the wonderful energies of obsidian.  It was completely wonderful to be grounded and centered while working with this lovely gemstone.  Along with removing the negativity I was so at peace while working with the obsidian - from picking it out -  to weaving the bracelet.  I kept the stones around me while I worked on the lovely Ancient Egyptian Ankh, which meant working with the metal clay.. 


The silver clay once fired is 99.9% silver and quite easy to work with, once you get the knack.  I have two more custom orders for this wonderful metal clay.  Now if I can just find the time to make myself something.

My love of stones . . . my love of ancient Egypt, while adding the wonders of metal clay creating beautiful Ancient Egyptian symbols into precious metal, indeed I am blessed to combine these two loves to make into realization the lovely dreams that Isis she gifts me with bringing into reality.