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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Special Pieces - Special Gifts

Creating special pieces and amulet gifts  have consumed most of my spare time, when I am not working at my regular day job.  My custom pieces have been in the form of metal clay work.  I simply love working with the metal clays – bronze and silver.  Molding the clay then firing the dried pieces has been very therapeutic for me - kiln watching allows me to write.  At least 9 custom pieces I have worked with the metal clay in the past couple of months – all Ancient Egyptian symbols.  Then on to weaving them into lovely bracelets, necklaces and one soon to be anklet with magical gemstones. 

The amulet gifts have not only been my way of helping and giving back but selfishly allows me to work with more gemstones.  I personally feel they all have individual personalities and meeting new stones – rocks – crystals is an honor.  It seems lately friends, friends of friends or fellow followers of the Goddess have need of the assistance that comes from Geb (Ancient Egyptian Earth God) so easily, so powerfully and so abundantly. 

Seems most amulet gifts lately are dealing with protection from unsavory people who know just enough energy working to willfully work icky “magic” on others.  Unfortunately they seem to know enough to be dangerous and possess enough hubris to not care about karma.  However some lovely amulets were woven together – made to be attached to a key-ring, belt loop, zipper pull or necklace.  A few were created for a healthy approach to food with an emphasis on staying positive and having good energy.

I have 2 more customer order to finish this weekend and one new order to start.  Sometimes I wish I could do this full time - but seems my creativity lags when I am home all day to just create – with stones or my writing.  A few more amulets to make too.  And a special request to turn a set of meditation beads into a bracelet that can be worn when it can't be carried in a pocket.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Serene Highness - Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli the exquisite gemstone from earliest times  - it stirs our ancient memories conjuring images  of ancient Egyptian temples, lingering incense and the flowing Nile   Lapis Lazuli  - the very name sounds exotic, revealing from our collective memories  beauteous deities, hallowed royalty and monuments that defy time and the elements.  Lapis Lazuli mined for over 6000 years and used extensively in Ancient Egypt and Sumer.  Ancient Egyptian civilization used Lapis in amulets, funerary preparations, decorating deity statues and to adorn the jewelry of royalty.

Lapis Lazuli, showcasing the hallmark blue of sodalite shot through with the gold sheen of  pyrite combines with lazurite, hauyne and calcite making this one of the most beautifully recognizable stones from antiquity.  Lapis is the very epitome of serene highness, expanding our spiritual and physical selves, allowing us to rise to meet its holy vibration.  In that sacred space/time Lapis  imparts ancient wisdom and knowledge, assisting us to shed the past with clarity, objectivity and peace while protecting us from negativity and psychic attack.

Lapis the most beautiful sacred of gemstones, just handling and wearing these exotic stones brings out my ancient goddess.