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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Kambaba Jasper and pewter beads frame a large pewter pendant of Queen Nefertiti.  I love the large chunky feeling of this breathtaking stone and exotic Queen from history.  Jasper is found worldwide and has been revered by the Ancient Egyptians and Israelites as well as the modern peoples of Asia and indigenous tribes of North America.

I found working with this stone to be transporting,  Kambaba Jasper is actually fossilized algae mined in South Africa.  Blue-Green Algae once living over 3 billion years ago. Grounding, humbling and keeping me so in touch with the soul of Mother Earth.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

This lovely double strand necklace was made to honor the Great Goddess Nephthys.  She whose name means Lady of the House (sky) is the necessary Goddess of transformation the useful Goddess that through liminal corridors bring us to our real lives.

The Great Goddess Nephthys who is so much more than just the twin sister of Isis.  She is the great Goddess who governs decay and the death that is not eternal.  She is the Goddess who birthed the Opener of the Way – Anubis.  She who mourns those who have died yet shows the door to Osiris, the Lord of Resurrection.  She is the bringer of night and the guide to our subconscious that we may find ourselves.

The Eye of Horus – Udjat – the focal for my necklace represents the God Horus – the Falcon headed God of the Sky (house). The Uraeus (viper) and Nekhbet (vulture) patron goddesses of Lower and Upper Egypt.  Unakite is a lovely pistachio green mixed with pale peachy pinks. A wonderful stone  - very soothing and harmonizing, leading us inescapably to our true selves.