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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Timelessness - Black and White

Time in the studio this weekend has not only been very productive but satisfying from a creative  - spiritual place as well.  I simply adore working with Howlite. The stark white with the pale grey veins draws me into a very creative place. I find I reflect on many things in a calm way, new ideas for my writing always seem to pop up when I work with stones and even more so when I am working with Howlite.

I have coupled my favorite Howlite with another versatile and favorite stone of mine - Magnesite.  I have used black dyed Magnesite in this creation.  Magnesite for me just seems to love being woven into many of my pieces.  Since it can be dyed any color I use it a lot.  Magnesite is calming as well as stimulating for my imagination. What an awesome combination when paired with Howlite.

Peace, calmness and creativity seem to reign in my studio when these two stones make their appearance.  I wove these two stones with pewter beads into a lovely 18" necklace.

The stunning pewter Egyptian cartouche sets off the energy of the Howlite and  Magnesite perfectly.  The Sun God Khepra  - the God of becoming - birth and rebirth.  Khepra is encircled by the lotus flowers and protected by the two Cobra Uraeus Goddesses.  Timeless beauty and energy - each day is new, each new day we are reborn to the possibilities it holds.