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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ankh of Joy

Lovely malachite chips withe pewter beads are a double strand delight 
framing this wonderfully large pewter ankh.

Malachite is a spiritually deep green stone that has been used for thousands of years. Malachite was the preeminent stone of Ancient Egypt used by royalty in their crowns.

Malachite is the perfect magical stone for protection, joy, love!!!  I love to use this stone with the Egyptian Goddess Hathor – the Goddess of Joy, Love, Dancing.  I also love to associate Malachite with Khepra – “to come into being” scarab sun deity of Ancient Egypt – deity of birth, renewal, and resurrection – the personification of transformation

And the stunning focal of this double strand necklace, the Ancient Egyptian Pewter Ankh with Sandstone Scarab at its heart.  The Ankh that symbolizes sacred life.

Such a wonderful combination in this fantastically spiritual necklace.  The Ankh of sacred life coupled with the Sun God Khepra who ‘is coming into being’ combined with Malachite for a powerful combination to bring ourselves joyfully into being.