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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jet - The Black Amber

I have been working with several dark stones of late and one The Dreams of Isis custom order in particular has Jet, The Black Amber, as a major component.  I had not worked with it for several years and I was surprised I did not remember how lusterless Jet can be prior to polishing - yet how enjoyable the energies are - in the manner of amber and petrified wood.  Different from stones such as regular igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rock Jet is not a true mineral but fossilized wood formed from wood that has been immersed in water for millions of years and subjected to compression,. hard jet is from carbon compression and salt water while soft jet comes form fresh water.  

Jet is called the Black Amber even though it  is not Amber it does emit an electrical charge like amber when rubbed and like amber it is fossilized organic material.  I found the energy of Jet to be a wonderful stimulater of thoughts - making me more alert with solutions to tricky issues coming to mind easily. Jet is wonderful for absorbing negative energy, warding off psychic attack and allows us to uncover past negative issues - dealing with these past life.karmic issues.  Jet is said to not only help with controlling demons but in controlling them as well.

As a wonderful absorber if negative energy Jet is said to be the stone of sympathy helping us deal with pain and suffering giving us the needed support to work though these physical and karmic pains.  "According to legend, jet worn continuously on the body, is thought to absorb the wearer's soul. While this is true of many stones, jet was thought to be especially powerful, and such stones were carefully guarded, for in the wrong hands they could be used to manipulate their original wearer." (Shimmerlings 2012).  I look forward to working with this wondrous "stone" more in custom orders  and personal workings.  I find this fossilized organic material opened new doors in my creative soul and gave me new understandings of the human hearts.