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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ancient Egyptian Ankh - Obsidian Night

Oh Obsidian Night and Ancient Egypt.  Another custom piece with black and rainbow obsidian.  The Ancient Egyptian Silver Ankh is hand-cast from silver metal clay.  Loved working with this medium, not to mention the wonderful energies of obsidian.  It was completely wonderful to be grounded and centered while working with this lovely gemstone.  Along with removing the negativity I was so at peace while working with the obsidian - from picking it out -  to weaving the bracelet.  I kept the stones around me while I worked on the lovely Ancient Egyptian Ankh, which meant working with the metal clay.. 


The silver clay once fired is 99.9% silver and quite easy to work with, once you get the knack.  I have two more custom orders for this wonderful metal clay.  Now if I can just find the time to make myself something.

My love of stones . . . my love of ancient Egypt, while adding the wonders of metal clay creating beautiful Ancient Egyptian symbols into precious metal, indeed I am blessed to combine these two loves to make into realization the lovely dreams that Isis she gifts me with bringing into reality. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jeweled Personalities

I LOVE gemstones, you name it I love them.  I could say especially Amethyst - because today it is my favorite, I wore tons of it to work.  I love Amethyst's higher vibration and feeling of divinity and elevated spirituality BUT yesterday it was Citrine.  I worked extensively with it and love the good clean will it radiates

Tonight as I sit basking in the glow of Rose Quartz and Rhodonite feeling pure spiritual love I honestly have a strong desire to reach for my Howlite.  Howlite seems to not just bring calmness but to stimulate my creativity.  Aside from Amethyst I come back to this stone again and again.  Such jeweled personalities all these gems from the earth possess.

Learning of gemstones from my mother who collected rocks, knew the trees and reveled in the wild countryside I developed a love of earth's stunning treasures early on.  Spurred by Native American teachings that began with the pet quartz rock given me by my grandfather as a child of 5 I naturally gravitated to Scott Cunningham. when I got older.  As every beginner down the pagan path knows we all seem to start with Cunningham.  He is easy to read and obviously had a love of the earth especially its gems and herbs.  He translated and guided nicely for the beginner who was fascinated with the magical energies from nature.

Gemstones - precious and semi-precious radiate with such distinguishable energies, it is no different than the multitude of personalities we encounter with humans, dogs, horses etc... everyday.  I find some slumber until woken, some chatter like magpies, other soothe with lullabies of ancient rock and water before life began, and even other ring of epic deeds invigorating our very blood.  Back to Amethyst, each stones I see, touch, come in contact with has its own story.  even depending on where in the earth it has been harvested can give me a glimpse of its character - its own personal accent.

Such jeweled personalities all stones possess.  Some you must tease to tell their story, others need to be kept close, still others enjoy being a lookout in spacious places surveying all they see.  But like our human and animal children, these luscious children of the mineral kingdom radiate the best energies when noticed, cared for and loved.

The Dreams of Isis

Friday, November 25, 2011

Weaving New Dreams

Working tonight with beautiful gemstones, weaving new dreams with presents from Geb.  New Ancient Egyptian jewelry designs laid out ready for the new year.  Such lovely energies to to with, I had so many different stones it was hard to begin some where.  Grounding and balancing - with some unconditional love and reflection was a start.  Wonderful experience of meditating while creating, makes me feel whole and in sync with the universe.

Working with the black tourmaline and hematite first was refreshing and as I moved forward - grounding and centering allowed me focus with the energy I needed.  So creativity flowed and my creations came together wonderfully. Weaving awesome stones with such fantastic energy together creating powerful mediation beads, Isis was so very present as incense burned on the altar next to my workspace.  I cant wait to have these up in my Artfire studio with new pics on my website and Facebook fan page coming asap.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beautiful Bracelets - Wonderful Energies

The Dreams of Isis has some beautiful bracelets at great prices.  The holidays are here, treat yourself or a loved one (or both) to fantastic inspirational energies.  What a great way to start the New Year just around the corner with new purpose, new vigor or new direction with love from Mother Earth.

Several bracelets to choose from - Amethyst, Lapis-Citrine, Malachite, Snowflake, Obsidian, Tiger Eye-Citrine, Serpentine-Scarabs, Rhodonite-Lava. 

Wonderful Wristly Energies


The Dreams of Isis

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ancient Egyptian - The Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus, inspired by ancient Egyptian jewelry I have seen in museums (behind glass to my dismay).  I must say after learning to work with metal clay and some wonderful pointers from a fellow AF guild member (Kelly) I really enjoy this medium.  The sky is the limit for creations.  While being a lover of Ancient Egypt and especially Egyptian jewelry my mind reels at the possibilities for amulets, cartouches, and tiny statuary, I can see how pagan along with Wiccan spiritual symbols can so easily be created.  Not to mention any other spiritual themed design  be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddist.  This is only the tip of the iceberg, anything your imagination captures a hold of this metal clay can create – just like playing with clay as a kid (almost).  I am looking forward to creating Ankh rings, Lotus bracelets, tiny Egyptian Scarabs earrings and of course more pieces with the Eye of Horus  - my personal fav and current obsession, never straying far from my beloved Egyptian jewelry. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh By Gosh By Golly

Mistletoe and Holly

The first Dreams of Isis Artfire collection for the winter season.  Gorgeous creations, designed by some very talented artisans.  Everything in this collections I would love to have. The delicate lampwork creations, the awesome crocheted leg warmers, the mystical tarot bag, the sparkly bracelets, the simply elegant crocheted snowflake, of course I cannot forget that beautiful pewter ankh.  And last but not least, what I know must be beyond Wonka magical, the chocolate snowflake.

Please click the link above, peruse this collection, enjoy the various studios and remember to patronize small businesses and local artisans this festive time of the year.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Dreams of Isis and Google+

Google+  - seems there is a lot of buzz about Google competing with Facebook.  The Dreams of Isis has jumped on the bandwagon and opened a business page.  All links and pics will direct viewers back to my ArtFire studio - so see how it works for me.  Hoping to get fellow ArtFire members to do this too.  A  few in the ArtfireLInk group are and I am hopeful for my TexasArtfire guild as well.  I feel the more places we can post content with links back to our studios the more traffic we shall get especially in these economic times when we are all hopeful to share with the world our various beautiful creations.

 Join me and share.
The Dreams of Isis on Google+

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chasca's Opal

This creation has a definite Incan feel.  Perhaps a priestess of Chasca the Incan Goddess of dawn and twilight wore a similar opal.  How fitting since this beautiful double strand necklace is made up of wonderful pinks that I see during an awe inspiring sunset or sunrise and black like the night that is to follow.  The gemstones and precious metals have been sitting in my studio for months.  Finally they called to me.  I simply love this gorgeous Peruvian Opal teardrop, showcased perfectly by the Rhodonite, Black Tourmaline and Sterling Silver. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Howlite Encircling The Eye of Horus

Howlite is such a wonderful stone.  I just love working with it, wearing it, simply touching this this calming stone. This wonderful stone brings self-awareness, increases creativity along with improving emotions attitudes.  So another creation came into being tonight melding this wonderful stone with my Eye of Horus enchantment!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wire Wrapped Up

I have really wanted to incorporate wire wrapping with my metal clay and gemstones so I have been experimenting with wire wrapping for awhile now.  I had comical and Frankensteinean  results so I finally broke down and took a class.  Two of the simplest techniques made all the difference.  My second attempt is below - not too bad if I do say so myself, so more practice and the ideas swirling in my head become reality!!



Monday, October 3, 2011

Horus sees All

More Eye of Horus creations.  This lovely necklace is made with carnelian gemstones, copper beads and findings with the Eye of Horus pendant formed from copper poly clay.  Horus is at every turn right now, seeing all and lending his protection.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tears of Osiris

Howlite, Silver Spiral Beads, Snowflake Obsidian Beads and Pendant with Silver Bail and Toggle Clasp.
Love Howlite and found Snowflake Obsidian set it off perfectly. To me the combination symbolized dark and light, yin and the yang, birth and re-birth - sacred balance. These two combinations connected with Osiris the Ancient Egyptian God of the Duat for me as both are calming and helps one reach inner peace.

Howlite and Snowflake Obsidian

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Featured Piece - The Rose of Khepra

This delicate 18 in necklace is made of Rhodonite beads with Sterling Silver tube and 2 mm round beads. The pendant is a simple Pewter Cartouche of Khepra Scarab with Sun.

Rhodonite - derived from Greek word Rhodon for Rose - a perfect description for this lovely delicate pink stone shot with black. To me this stone reminds me of the beautiful pink horizon just before the sun rises. A perfect link to Khepra.
Khepra - "to come into being" scarab sun deity of Ancient Egypt - deity of birth, renewal, and resurrection - the personification of transformation.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Amethyst Divine Bliss

Lovely amethyst custom order sent off this past week  - this is such a rich, spiritual stone and coupled with silver makes one feel divine.  Amethyst is my personal favorite - even though I love ALL gemstones, amethyst has a special place.  The deep purple resonates to my deep secret self, enhancing my intuition, increasing my inspiration and bringing me closer to the divine - my spiritual bliss stone.  I hope my customer find it equally lovely and compelling as it makes its forever home with her.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Left Eye of Horus

My 2nd bronze Eye of Horus (the left eye) - before and after pics below.  I am definitely pleased with the way the bronzclay fired.  I really enjoyed making this piece.  I made a wonderful right Eye of Ra (or Horus) as a custom piece and cant wait to post those pics too - meanwhile the test piece came out wonderfully - has  that "found at an archaeological site look and feel".

 After firing - nothing but bronze

Before - looks like clay

Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Remember

Today we remember the events from 10 years ago, how could we ever forget something branded into our very hearts with pain.  As each of you can  recall, I clearly remember where I was and what I was doing when I received the horrific news - that entire day is etched in my memory.  This artist personally lost friends and loved ones at the twin towers and the Pentagon.

Today we commemorate those we lost, those who served and fell, those who sacrificed themselves that a third incident not happen, and those who served and live with the horror first hand even now.  Let our souls  come together as we honor and remember - never forgetting.

Friday, September 9, 2011


My new Isis commissioned by me for my website, studio and biz cards.  A wonderful rendition of Isis by a very talented 19 yr old artist, I was connected to on DeviantArt.  Alysia Harris her DeviantArt studio is MyWorld1.  Beautiful work - love my Isis.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eye of Horus Earrings

While waiting on my Eye of Horus bronzclay to sinter in the kiln this afternoon I worked with some copper and silver poly clay I had previously baked.  More Eye of Horus creations - earrings with Howlite and Carnelian - I can envision a priestess of Hathor wearing these as she goes about her temple duties - perhaps preparing for the festival of the Sacred Marriage - a festival celebrating the holy union of the Goddess Hathor to the God Horus.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2nd Eye of Ra

BronzClay - Eye of Ra - 2nd piece is drying for firing - wont even look like clay when fired - just bronze!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

BronzClay Eye of Ra

Working with bronzclay today; a custom order Eye of Ra piece is finally dried and is being fired in the kiln now.  Excited to see how it turns out after it cools.  This piece has taken me a while to get right – looking for a perfectly ancient looking piece when done. Designing and creating something different – looking for the spirit of Ancient Egypt to come through this piece.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Bracelets

Custom bracelets commissioned by a very thoughtful young man for three wonderful ladies in his life who all happen to have just about the same birthday.  Now that the gifts have been given I can post pics.  Gorgeous birthstone bracelets  – peridot and raw ruby make up these lovely wrist treasures for his three favorite ladies.  Peridot for his mother and sister whose early August birthday is the same day and raw ruby for his niece who is  a late July baby.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Texas Artfire Collections

Created two Artfire collections today.  The Desert is the theme for both.  Awesome creations by talented artisans.

Jewels of thr Desert

Desert Dreams

Wares from Texas - Artfire Collection

Wonderful sampling of creations from Texas artisans, curated by Lanetta. Click the link below to connect to some talented Texans!

Texas Artfire Collection

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clay and Heat

As the heat continues here in Texas (triple digits that I personally do not mind) I find I am working with several forms of clay.  Polymer clay for making molds - which means heating the house up to bake the  poly-clay.  Then working with metal clay and firing up the ol' kiln - heat is the theme this week!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hunting Vision

From time immemorial artistic insights have been revealed to artists in their sleep and in dreams, so that at all times they ardently desired them.

Revolutionary Swiss Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer and occultist

Friday, August 12, 2011


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